Features which are must for a good website

A website is a powerful marketing tool in the possession of businesses as this is the place they can talk about themselves, their products and their specialties. When someone visits a website, they do so with the intent to get some information about the business. The design of the website plays a great role in influencing visitors to turn customers. There are some features that every website should have to make the visitors feel comfortable. It is not only the color or font used in the website. There are different factors including how the website is structured which makes it a success or failure. Below we discuss the important features that should be present on your website.


The Must Have Features

An Impressive Home Page – Home page should give a clear idea on who you are and what you do. It is probably the most frequented page on your website. Hence it should be appealing. Add real photos if possible.


Consistent design – the design of the website should be consistent across pages. Similar fonts with similar color palette should be maintained across the site to give the users a feel of continuity when browsing different pages in your website. When you choose the well versed sem agency in singapore, you will get a professionally designed website that is consistent.


Important Business Information – the website should certainly have the important business information. When a person visits your business website, they are often on the lookout for some information. In addition to brief information on your products and services, you should have a FAQ page to give out additional information.


Contact Information – a website without contact information is really a disaster. The contact information can be included in every page of the site on a side box or a highly visible contact us page can have the necessary contact details.


Clear Titles For Pages – The different pages in your website should have clear titles that are easy to understand. Avoid using complicated words. If you have a huge website, you should offer a sitemap or index. Well versed sem company in singapore will ensure you have proper titles which will also help in indexing of the website


Security – if your website takes information from visitors, make sure that the security concerns of visitors are addressed. Information on the security system used like Verisign should be displayed visibly in such pages.


Social Media Integration – social media is a great way to promote your business. If your business site features social media integration, it will drive in considerably higher traffic to your site. This will help in getting higher visibility in search engine results and will help you create a better online presence for your business. Well versed Singapore sem agency will do proper SEO for your website and provide better results.


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