Housewarming Invitation Wording

July 11, 2014

In order to have a housewarming party, you’ve got to let people know that you’re throwing a party at your place… right? This is where the housewarming invitation wording comes into play on your invitation. A carefully constructed invitation will not only help people want to come to your party, but they’ll circle the date on their calendar to make sure they are there to have some fun!

How can you express the fun that your party is going to be with your housewarming invitation wording?

Be clear and concise with instructions. One of the biggest obstacles that people face with invitations is uncertainty in either the location of the event or the time of the event. One of the commonly forgotten components of a party invitation is, in fact, the actual time of the party! People remember to put on the date, but not the start time. With clear and concise instructions about when a party is, where it happens to be [your place!], and you’ll be well on your way.

Include advice that you may want people to follow. Are you throwing a housewarming party with a specific theme? Then you’ll want to include information about that theme in your housewarming invitation wording. If you’re having a more formal event because of a specific theme and this isn’t communicated to people, you’ll likely have people dressed quite casually and feeling out of place at your party.

Do people need to bring anything? Some parties are a lot of fun when people bring something that can be part of a group participation event. You don’t necessarily want people to bring their own food or beverage, but you could have them bring a favorite board game or a video game system, for example. By including this information in your housewarming invitation wording, you’ll be able to get all the supplies you need to throw a great party brought to your place!

The font that you use can say a lot about what you expect your party to be. Did you know that the type of font you use for your invitation wording will also communicate a message to the people you invited? Script fonts, for example, speak to a more formal party. Serif fonts will speak to a more traditional housewarming party. Sans Serif fonts will speak to something a little more contemporary. If you use the wrong font, you may actually confuse people who have a certain perception of what your party will be… when it turns out to be something completely different.

What Does Your Housewarming Invitation Wording Say About You? 

An organized housewarming party invitation will reflect your desire to have an organized and fun party at your place. A disorganized or incomplete invitation, on the other hand, will communicate that you really don’t care about whether or not someone shows up to have a good time. By following these tips, you’ll be able to throw a fun party that people will make time to attend!

Housewarming Gift Ideas For a Couple

July 10, 2014

There’s this couple you know who have successfully purchased their very first home. You got a housewarming party invitation in the mail and because they’re good friends, you know you’ve got to be there. It’s going to be a good time, celebrating this milestone event in their lives, but you’re left with a question: what kind of gift should you get them?

Housewarming gift ideas for a couple can be a challenging thought to consider. Should you get something fun? Maybe something useful instead? Should you get one of each item? Or should you just go in a different direction altogether? Here’s some ideas for you to consider today as you look for that perfect gift to give at your next housewarming party:

When in doubt, just look about. Housewarming gift ideas for a couple are actually surrounding you right now. When you take the self-imposed blocks off of your mental vision, the chances are good that you’ll find the perfect gift for that upcoming party as you go about your day. When you’re friends with a couple, you already know what they like and maybe even what they need. And hey – if you’re not sure about what they could use, it’s ok to ask too.

A perfect gift for a stranger that uplifts. Giving a gift to a couple that you don’t really know can be an awkward experience. You don’t want to impose your values on them, yet you also want to get them something nice that they can use for their new home. If you find yourself in this situation, the best way to go is with a gift basket. Gift baskets allow you to provide a wide variety of different things so that you can cover the whole spectrum of usefulness!

If you can find the right mood, you can’t go wrong with food. Couples always have certain things that they love, but they don’t always have the money to be able to afford it. From steak sauce to something a little more extravagant, great housewarming gift ideas for couples can simply be things that they would use every day, but because they don’t have the budget to do it, they don’t indulge in it for themselves. Just beware of food allergies!

Living things help couples enjoy what life brings. We’re not talking about kittens and puppies here, though in specific situations getting a couple a pet would be appropriate. In this instance, we’re talking about house plants, flowers, herbs, and other growing things that require a little care and love. A gift such as this can come to represent the love that a couple shares for each other and be a representation of your friendship with them as well.

Housewarming gift ideas for a couple can be something that is easily overthought. A beautiful, elegant, yet simple gift can be just as moving as something expensive and elaborate for one reason: because it comes from your heart. Make the effort to give a fantastic gift for the couple you know that’s throwing a housewarming party and there is no doubt that it will be the perfect gift.

Housewarming Gift Basket Ideas

July 9, 2014

If you’re stuck in a rut when it comes to the perfect housewarming gift for someone, you just can’t go wrong with a gift basket. Housewarming gift basket ideas run the full gambit from food to video games to home decorations, so you can include a little bit of anything and everything into a gift basket. Pre-made gift baskets, however, can be quite expensive! If you’ve got a couple days before the party, you can save a ton of money by putting together your own gift basket following these easy steps.

Step #1: Find the Basket

Rather than going out to spend a bunch of money on a brand new basket, take a look at your local second-hand store. Thrift shops and consignment stores often have baskets that are highly affordable, often under $1. In return, you get the perfect vessel to use for your gift.

Step #2: Shop for the Gift

Sometimes the best gifts that are given are the things that people use every day. The gift of some barbecue sauce, some ribs to grill, and a favorite spice rub can be just as good a gift as a set of sheets for the bed. Think about what you’d like to get and you’ll have a good foundation for housewarming gift basket ideas that you can find. Other particularly popular items in gift baskets are:

  • Salsa
  • Steaks
  • Gift Certificates
  • Cookies
  • Baked Goods
  • Room Themes

Step #3: Look For Variety

What makes a gift basket special is its ability to provide someone with a tremendous amount of variety in a gift. If you’re getting baked goods, for example, you’d want to look at getting a variety of baked goods instead of just one type. If you were getting sheets for the bedroom, you’d want to shop for the entire set, including the comforter, blanket, or quilt. When it comes to housewarming gift basket ideas, the sky may be the limit, but it should at least make sense, right?

Step #4: Find Padding For Your Items

Gift baskets are usually filled with some sort of filler to cushion the items that are being gifted. It usually comes in the form of some sort of simulated grass, but tissue paper or even packing peanuts can work. It really just depends on how fragile your gifted items in the basket are and how much risk you’re willing to take in transporting the gift to the housewarming party.

Step #5: Wrap the Gift Up!

Clear cellophane is usually used to wrap a gift basket and you can find this at many craft stores. Pull out a long sheet of cellophane and then place the basket in the middle of it. Bring the cellophane around the sides so that it all parts come together at the top, sealing the gift basket. Add a bow and you’re done!

Housewarming gift basket ideas can really by anything for anyone. Give the gift from the heart and it will most certainly be loved!