50th Birthday Invitations

July 23, 2014

You’ve got your 50th birthday ideas set, you’ve gotten 50th birthday quotes gathered together to make a great speech, and now you need to focus on those 50th birthday invitations. Whether you’re throwing a party for hundreds or just for a select few, the invitation for the birthday party is essential to getting people to come to your party. Here are some ways that you can make your 50th birthday invitations memorable so that people will want to come and celebrate this great day with your loved ones.

Photographic Invitations for the 50th Birthday

One of the classic ways to invite people to a 50th birthday party is through the use of a photographic invitation. You can get a lot of variety included with the modern invitation! You can go the simple route and simply include a portrait photograph of the person celebrating their birthday or you can choose to do a collage of photographs the cover the entire 50 years of life someone has lived. These 50th birthday invitations are truly inviting because it helps your invitees to feel connected and want to come celebrate this special day with you.

The Over-The-Hill Special

Many 50th birthday invitations involve humor about this milestone birthday. The classic humor involved are jokes about turning over-the-hill as the 50th birthday is halfway to the century mark. If the individual celebrating the birthday has a great sense of humor and doesn’t mind having laughs at their expense, these invitations can give people a laugh as they set the date for your party on their calendar. From the Grim Reaper to jokes about sex (or not having it any more!), there is a wide range of supplies available for 50th birthday invitations today.

The Formal Invitation

Because the 50th birthday is a milestone birthday, formal 50th birthday invitations can be a great way to announce the special event as well. Similar to a wedding invitation or graduation announcement, these invitations can express the information you need people to know in a variety of styles and ways. The most important aspect of the formal 50th birthday invitation is that it includes the relevant information about the party, a RSVP, and return postage if necessary. This way you can know who is coming to celebrate this special day with you!

Which Invitations Are Right For You?

Are you leaning toward formal 50th birthday invitations? Are you thinking about just printing off a few invitations on your personal printer to save a few bucks? Just remember to give people at least 3 weeks notice about the birthday party so that they can appropriately plan for it. No matter which invitations you choose to send out, just remember to have fun on this special day and make a lasting memory. Ultimately nothing is more important than that!

What is the Best Steel For Knives?

July 23, 2014

Steel forging just isn’t the same in every place around the world. For some steel manufacturers, the problem lies in the iron ore that is used to create the alloy. Traces of different other minerals or materials can make the eventual steel brittle because of the impurities. For other manufacturers, the issue is with the amount of carbon that is used to create the alloy. If too much carbon remains in the iron ore, then the steel will not be as strong.

Here are the best places and recipes used to get the best steel for knives today:

Sweden: Swedish steel has been long known as one of the best metals for the creation of knives. Many of today’s top knife crafters utilize Swedish steel because the iron ore that is used in its creation is relatively free of impurities It is this iron that is often used in the steel alloy recipes that are used in many knives. With the right recipe, you can create a strong, corrosion resistant blade!

Steel Recipe S30V: This is often considered the best steel allow to be used in knives today. Whereas the typical steel alloy is composed of just iron ore and carbon, S30V also contains vanadium, molybdenum, and a large amount of chromium. Chromium in particular is useful in coating the steel and has been used for nearly 2,000 years in some way to coat metals because of its durability and resistance to tarnishing.

Steel Recipe BG42: Almost as good as S30V is alloy BG42. The composition of this recipe is similar to that of S30V, though less chromium is used in the alloy, less carbon is present, and a small amount of silicon is added into the mix. This steel is often the best steel for knives that are used in extreme circumstances, such as in heavy kitchen duties that require mass production. On a side note, this is the steel alloy that is often utilized by the aerospace industry as well.

Steel Recipe 154CM: The problem with the two steel recipes above is that they are quite expensive. With increased alloy costs comes higher knife prices, and knives made with those alloys are often out of the price range of the average consumer. That’s where 154CM steel can come into play. It has similar characteristics to the other recipes, is just as strong when it is double tempered, but is much easier to make. Because of that, it has a lower associated cost, which makes it the best steel for knives because it has a lot of value in it.

Steel Recipe 420J2: The vast majority of “value” knives are actually made with this steel recipe. It has a low carbon content, is infused with manganese, nickel, and silicon, and is very cheap to produce. The issue with this steel recipe is that it does not stand up to a lot of use, so kitchen knives that are used regularly and made of this steel will not last long. For occasional use, however, this steel alloy can provide a good knife at a bargain price.

Types of Knives for the Kitchen

July 22, 2014

A chef is only as good as the knives that are used and the same could be said for the home-based chef as well. With the right types of knives, food preparation times can be reduced, meals can be refined, and cooking times can be consistent. Everyone who cooks, whether at home or professionally, should have at least one of each type of knife so that any situation during the prepping period can be effectively handled!

Here are the types of knives that are perfect for the kitchen:

Chef’s Knife: The standard knife in every kitchen is the chef’s knife. Coming in various sizes, it is able to do a wide variety of prepping tasks. They often do the heavy work of chopping through thick vegetables, trimming meat, and other slicing and dicing tasks. The bigger the knife, the heavier it will be, and the more you’ll be able to do with it. As a foundation of your knife set, it’s important that you focus on choosing the right chef’s knife – and then take the time to look after it and sharpen it when necessary.

Cleaver: Another common type of knife for the kitchen is the meat cleaver. This are primarily utilized for butchering tasks, cleaning fish, or crush ingredients. Many of them have a beveled edge, allowing them to easily cut through dense, thick, or fibrous foods.

Santoku: Though the Santoku knife is typically one of the types of knives used to create Asian cuisine, it is become more common to use them for other common prep tasks as well. The Santoku blade is wider than other Asian-inspired blades, thinner, and is precisely balanced so that it is easy to handle. A good Santoku knife is also one of the most expensive knives to purchase right now.

Mincing Knife: A mincing knife takes the finger cutting issues out of finely chopping certain fruits and vegetables as well as herbs and spices. Resembling a pizza cutter in some ways, it was one of the types of knives that not everyone owns, but is a useful investment to make. It is also sometimes called a Mezzaluna because of it’s shape resembling the crescent shape of the moon, you can purchase single and double blade versions of this type of knife.

Serrated: The serrated knife is the perfect type of knife to cut through foods that are very thick and tough on the outside, but soft on the inside. That’s why you’ll see many of these types of knives marketed as bread knives. These knives are incredibly difficult to sharpen because of the serrated edge, making it a better investment to simply use it until it wears out, then purchase a new one.

Sawtooth: The sawtooth knife is very much like the serrated knife in that it is extremely difficult to sharpen. These types of knives are often used to cut through frozen items, so they may sometimes be called a “frozen food knife.” These knives have a distinguishing hook or point on the end of the blade as well, allowing users to quickly rip open packages should that become necessary.

Paring Knife: Every kitchen should have a paring knife because these small knives make peeling and coring certain fruits and vegetables a snap. They are well balanced and make quick work of peeling an apple or even taking the seed core out of an avocado. Working with smaller ingredients is also a common use for these types of knives, mincing garlic cloves, shallots, or even fresh herbs is often easier with a paring knife.

Sandwich Knife: Why would I want a sandwich knife? If you ask that question, then you’re not going to want one of these types of knives. For sandwich lovers, however, these knives are a precious gift. They are specifically built to cut through a thick sandwich and will give a clean slice through almost any sandwich food. They are slightly serrated as well, but the teeth are far enough apart that they can be manually sharpened.

Slicing Knives: Having a knife that’s used just for general slicing purposes is handy because they can easily cut through different types of cooked meats or prepare fruits or vegetables for a dish. They come in a wide variety of sizes and styles, allowing each chef to get a knife that’s the right size for their hand and their needs.

Unusual Knives For Specific Needs: There are a wide variety of knives that have specific uses that you may find to be handy to have as well. These include:

  • Clam Knives,
  • Grapefruit Knives,
  • Oyster Knives,
  • Roast Beef Knives,
  • Lettuce Knives, and
  • Deli Knives.

Which types of knives are right for your kitchen? Use this reference guide to make sure you have the right knife to fulfill the right need and your cooking tasks will become very easy to complete!