A Powerful Objective for Resume Attention

October 25, 2014

A powerful objective for a resume can be the one thing that really communicates to a potential employer what your short-term and long-term goals are with their company. A carefully constructed objective will communicate that you are loyal, committed, and willing to go the extra mile within a company. A poorly constructed objective, however, will communicate that you are selfish, looking out for yourself, and will likely be a short-term employee.

Here’s how you can make sure you leave a good first impression with your objective for a resume instead of a bad one:

Talk about what you believe you can accomplish for the company. Instead of using the objective to talk about yourself, try turning that around and talk about what you believe you can do for the company you are trying to get a job at. You might need to do a little research about the company to deliver a powerful objective for the resume, but it’ll be worth it. Here are some examples:

  • My objective is to grow with this organization and assist it in becoming a community leader in providing world class products and services.
  • My plan is to help an organization find ways to save money so that more jobs could be provided to our community.
  • My goal is to help this organization increase their sales through my unique and proven methods that have consistently brought revenue growth to my other employers.

Stay away from self-serving statements. If you use your objective to speak about what your short-term goals are and those goals don’t really help a company succeed in some way, then chances are you’re not going to be selected. If you’re using an objective for a resume, try to stay away from using examples such as these:

  • I plan on graduating from school in a year and then moving on to a higher paying position.
  • My objective is to use this position as training so that I can further my career in some way.
  • My goal is to work hard, learn what I can, and then apply what I’ve been taught in other positions.

Sometimes a simple objective for a resume is the best. The more you put into an objective statement, the greater chance you have at causing a hiring manager to think twice about your application. Short, clear, and concise statements that reflect your work ethic can drive a bigger impression than a long, elegant synopsis.

  • My goal is to work as hard as I can every day while employed.
  • My plan is to invest as much into the company that employs me as I can.
  • My objective is to give 100% every day.

Are You Including an Objective That Can Help You?

Objectives for a resume can help leave a positive or a negative first impression. Though you can’t guarantee how someone will read what you’ve written as an objective, you can use the examples to craft an amazing objective that could leave a stunning impression on a hiring manager. Add one to your resume today and see what kind of results you might be able to get!

How To Format a Resume

October 24, 2014

Are you wondering how to format a resume? Whether your resume is on paper or you are submitting it electronically, there are certain format issues that are part of the best resumes. Though some people use colored paper or heavy paper stock to make a great first impression, having a properly formatted resume can make a better impression than having your application be on neon pink paper. What can you do on your resume to make sure that it is properly formatted for today’s discerning hiring managers?

Use Readable Fonts For Your Text

For the most part, the resume isn’t a place to be cute or fun with your style. Using cursive or comic fonts can make a resume difficult to read for some people, and a difficult resume is one that’s just going to get set aside. If you are wondering how to format a resume properly, consider using the Helvetica font with a size of either 11 or 12. According to research, the Helvetica font is the most readable and is the one that is most commonly found on sites with large blocks of information to read. Arial or Times New Roman are also good fonts. Avoid the others.

Create Clean Spacing Areas

Using the spacebar to create spacing areas is going to create inconsistencies in how the text is perceived when it is read. If there are inconsistencies in how your resume looks, then this will create an impression in many hiring managers that you will be inconsistent in your work habits as well. To avoid this situation, simply use bullet points or tabs to create a more clean and concise look to the information you are presenting. You can also set specific margins on most word processing programs that can help to line up data as well.

Use Information Dividers That Make Sense

With modern word processing, you can do better that just using a bigger, bold font as headings for your different fields of information, like your education and work experience. You can use tables to replicate the look of a pre-formatted application for a unique look. Lines can help to divide sections as well and you can even use a slight variation in color between sections to help visually orientate a hiring manager to each specific section. If you are looking to find out how to format a resume in a modern way, ideas such as these can really help your resume stand out and be visually appealing. That could be all it takes to make you a more attractive candidate!

Save Your Resume As a Basic File

If you must save your resume and send it as a file, then save it as a basic file like a rich text file. Not every company utilizes Microsoft Word and .doc files, while if you are using Open Office and save as an .odt file, a hiring manager might not be able to open it. Saving your resume in the .rtf format will help ensure that a file can be opened using virtually any program – just remember that a .rtf file doesn’t always carry specific font formatting information over, so structure your resume accordingly. This way,  you can have a properly formatted resume and file when you apply for your next job!

5 tips to help you negotiate a fair Stump Removal Cost

October 24, 2014

Stump Removal Costs at a Glance:

  • Expect to Pay up to $3 per diameter inch
  • Most stumps will cost between $150 – $200 to remove per stump
  • Removal costs don’t include cleanup costs in most cases
  • Difficult soil will add a 20% to 30% premium to the overall cost

Do You Need To Get Rid of a Stump?

Maybe that stump has been there the entire time and you’re tired of looking at it. Maybe you’ve needed to get a tree removed and now that it’s gone, you’ve got to get rid of the stump as well. The typical tree removal cost does not includestump removal, so you’ll need to add a stump removal cost to your overall pricing structure if you want the entire tree removed. Whether you have the stump ground out, mulched, blown up, or pulled out, the costs are essentially the same for the service being rendered. The type of stump you have, however, can affect the price.

Older Stumps Usually Cost Less

Without any life, stumps that have been left in the ground for awhile tend to rot because of the elements. This makes the stump removal cost a bit cheaper because it is easier to grind out a rotted stump! If a stump doesn’t have a large root system, you may also find that there is a reduction in your stump removal cost because there is less labor involved in getting the stump removed. Oak stumps that are more dense or stumps that have a large diameter, however, have the opposite effect and will end up adding costs to your potential project.

What If I Get Rid of the Stump Myself?

For the cost of renting the equipment to grind out a stump, unless you’re planning on clearing out several stumps in one day, you won’t find much for savings. A full day rental of the average stump grinder is normally about $400 and you’ll need to transport the equipment from the rental agency to your property and back again. The same is true for alternative methods of stump removal, such as burning them out.

The benefit of hiring a contractor comes with both their experience and their insurance. The stumps you need removed can be done quickly, there is much less of a risk of injury, and their commercial liability insurance and surety bonds, if applicable, can cover unforeseen circumstances that can sometimes happen, like a piece of equipment that malfunctions. If even you have to pay a few dollars more in a stump removal cost from a professional, it’s almost always worth it.

Cleanup Services Are Almost Never Included

When you get a quote for your stump removal cost, keep in mind that most contractors to do not combine cleanup services with their stump removal services. This means you will likely have wood shavings lying around the area of the stump and a hole where the stump was once the contractor has completed the work. If you want them to restore the property to a similar condition, you’ll need to pay for an extra hour or two of labor to have this happen, which usually means adding about $100 to your final stump removal bill.

Get Your Stump Removal Cost In Writing

Are you thinking about getting a stump removed? Get any bids for your total stump removal cost in writing before agreeing to anything. An estimate over the phone is not a substitute for a written, detailed estimate. With a little research and a fair bid, however, you can get those ugly stumps off of your property for a fair price.