Managing the Cost of Breast Augmentation

August 20, 2014

In the cost of breast augmentation, there are a number of ways that you can lower the associated costs that come with every surgery. Medications, after care, surgery complications, and other factors can all make the costs of a procedure add up rather quickly. By effectively managing these costs, however, you’ll be able to keep your overall cost right around the price of the surgery.

Here’s how you do it:

Follow all of your doctor’s instructions to the letter. Many women, when they start to feel better, start doing more activities than they probably should be doing. Weight restrictions, movement restrictions, and other orders from your surgeon are in place to help your body effectively heal. Not following a weight restriction, for example, could cause scarring and infection that would require a follow-up with the surgeon, possible antibiotics to treat an infection, and other treatment costs to manage the after care.

Don’t wait until the last minute to purchase what you need. If you know that you’re going to need after care garments and supplies, purchase them over time so that your budget isn’t dramatically affected by the supplies that you need. You can also utilize this method to save up for the cost of breast augmentation so that you don’t have an immediate, large payment that is due.

Ask about payment plans. Many surgeons allow the cost of breast augmentation to be split up into monthly payments that are paid in a period of 1, 2, or even 3 years. Though this will actually cost more in the long run, it does help a budget by being able to pay an affordable monthly fee for an augmentation procedure that can happen right away.

Inquire about a sliding scale cost. Though breast augmentation procedures are considered cosmetic in most circumstances, some surgeons may offer a sliding scale rate for the procedure based on your income levels. This means that because you make less money, the surgeon will charge you less for the services that have been rendered for you. This must usually be asked about before the surgery begins and would be a good question to include in the initial consultation.

Talk to your health insurance provider. The cost of breast augmentation can sometimes be offset somewhat by your health insurance if it is being done to help relieve a medical condition in some way. Though not every policy will cover elective procedures, it is possible that your policy does. Read through your documentations about your unique health plan, discuss your plans with your insurance provider, and you may find that a portion of the costs might be covered.

These are just a few of the ways that you can manage the cost of breast augmentation so that your checking account doesn’t have to dramatically suffer. Save, negotiate, and be willing to take a risk… if you are, then chances are you’ll get the procedure you want at a price you’re going to like.

Ways to Give Wedding Congratulations

August 20, 2014

Wishing a happy couple the very best for a bright future is the hallmark of many wedding congratulations. With modern technology, there are a number of unique ways that you can offer your own best wishes that go beyond the basic pre-printed wedding card or toast given at the reception. Here are some ideas for you to consider when wishing the couple you know the very best for a happily ever after in their new life together.

The Classic Facebook Post

According to Wakefield Research, almost half of brides have or would update their Facebook relationship status to “married” even before the reception for their wedding starts. For many people, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites have become an extension of life itself. In some ways, it really is an online guestbook that lets you offer your wedding congratulations in a modern way. A simple post on the wall of a bride and/or groom wishing them the very best might seem a little tacky to some, but is becoming more commonplace and meaningful with every passing day.

Record a Message Cards

The biggest market being advertised to in the record a message cards and books are parents to kids or kids to grandparents, but if you can’t make it to a wedding, this is a fun way to offer your toast to a new couple. You could use a traditional wedding toast, something based on the couple’s culture, or simply a piece of prose that you’ve composed yourself. Adding your voice to the wedding festivities when you can’t be there? That’s something that might be priceless.

Singing Telegrams

Did you know that every community has some sort of singing telegram service still? They aren’t generally publicized much, so it might take a little research to find one, but sending a gift with a unique song offering your wedding congratulations can be something that is fun, memorable, and slightly embarrassing. Make sure that you send your delivery to their new home or to the wedding reception – having a singing telegram interrupt a ceremony? Maybe not so priceless.

By Text Message

Believe it or not, sending a text message with your wedding congratulations is the preferred method for some young couples. Even if it isn’t the most formal of methods, if you forgot to send out a card, don’t have a Facebook account, and the thought of a singing telegram in a bit scary, a text message can help you communicate your well wishes without interrupting the festivities. Following up a text message with a phone call can lessen any blow to the sincerity of the message you sent as well.

Through E-mail Cards

When nothing else will do, an electronic greeting card sent via e-mail that offers your wedding congratulations can help to immediately let the happy couple know that you’re thinking about them. The downside of this method is that many e-mail accounts send these cards to the spam folder or don’t bother to deliver them whatsoever. You might need to check to make sure the delivery went through, and if you do that, you’ve got the perfect way to offer your wedding congratulations in a tried and true fashion!

Effectively Manage Your Breast Reduction Costs

August 19, 2014

Unlike a breast augmentation or a breast lift, breast reduction costs can sometimes be covered by a health insurance plan. Many women consider having a breast reduction because they are experiencing symptoms that interfere with their quality of life. Headaches, neck pain, back pain, and other unpleasant symptoms can all be because of breasts that are too large for a woman’s natural body size. If a breast reduction procedure is being done for these reasons instead of cosmetic reasons, health insurance may cover these costs.

Why Consider Breast Reduction With a Breast Lift?

Many women experience a lot of physical changes over time that can enlarge the breasts and then make them be less firm. Pregnancies and breastfeeding are two very common culprits behind this change in a woman’s breasts. By combining a breast lift with a breast reduction, a woman can have her breasts return to a more manageable size and shape that can help them enjoy life like they used to be able to enjoy it. That can make the breast reduction costs you might need to pay to be well worth it.

What Can Happen During a Surgery?

Because the nature of a breast reduction procedure is that breast tissue is being removed from the body, there are a number of potential complications that may occur afterwards. These include:

  • the inability to breastfeed any more,
  • loss of the nipple,
  • chronic pain,
  • breasts that aren’t symmetrical,
  • infections, and
  • scarring.

Any medical procedure has some form of risk. These procedures also have many additional costs that are in addition to the breast reduction costs that you may need to pay. This should all be considered during the decision making process to determine if a breast reduction procedure truly is the right decision for you.

The Average Breast Reduction Costs Are About $4,000

Breast reduction costs are in line with other breast transformation procedures. Though this surgery is almost always considered to be elective, if it is being done to relieve uncomfortable symptoms, part of this cost may be covered by health insurance. After discussing your desires with your surgeon, you will want to speak with your health insurance provider to talk about what fees from the surgery may be covered.

Is a Breast Reduction Surgery Right For You?

Only you can decide with your surgeon whether or not a breast reduction procedure is something that should be done in conjunction with a breast lift. Based on your family history and your unique lifestyle, you will be able to make a fully informed decision with your doctor and be able to proceed with confidence in whatever choice you make. The breast reduction costs, however, are often small when compared to a life that can suddenly become pain free.