An Effective Resume Outline

October 21, 2014

With unemployment rates remaining high, the competition for jobs right now makes it difficult to stand out amongst the crowd. Having an effective resume outline that can let you tailor your information based on the job that you are applying for can help you gain the advantage you may need to get yourself noticed. Many people simply use a standard resume that they send out to every employer. What if you could create a form that would allow you to put in customized information in just minutes that would let your application feel like it was speaking directly to a hiring manager? It really can be done!

A Good Resume Outline Reflects Your Strengths

Every resume should be created as if you were the hiring manager who was reading it. What information would you like to see in a resume if you were hiring someone for the job that you want? How much time would you have to look at a resume if you had to review over 100 resumes to select just a few for a follow-up interview? Chances are that if you don’t make an immediate impact in the first 30 seconds of reading your resume, you will be ignored. That’s why an effective resume outline will always start with your best strengths.

A Resume Outline Should Offer References

Many people believe that hiring managers check references after an interview, but the opposite is actually true. Most hiring managers actually check references, your Facebook page, your Twitter page, and anything else they can find out about you if they are thinking about giving you an interview. They want to know what kind of person you are beforehand because they don’t want to waste 30 minutes in an interview that is worthless. By offering references on your resume outline, you’ll be able to give that hiring manager the opportunity to do their research first.

A Resume Outline Shouldn’t Be Overly Complicated

Many people try to pack a ton of information into a resume and it creates a document that is 3 or more pages long. If you’re looking to tailor information to each application you’re filling out, you don’t need to send your life story through your resume! You simply have to give the hiring manager a clear and concise look at who you are and what you’ve done. A brief section about what education you have, another for your work history, and some space for your references and contact information is really all you need. If you have extra room, you could include a customized mission statement or objective as well.

Are You Ready To Create a Winning Resume?

An effective resume that is completely customized for each application doesn’t have to take a lot of time or effort. The tips that you’ll find here on this site will help you create an attention-getting resume that may just give you a competitive edge because you’re providing a better sense of your perceived potential value. If you’re ready to create a winning resume that can help you land that job you want or need, then let’s get started today!

Getting Great Scrap Metal Prices

October 20, 2014

Did you know that there is a hidden treasure trove of money just lying around your home? Many people are carrying a large amount of scrap metal around their home and probably don’t even realize it. Many people even throw away their scrap metals without realizing there are huge scrap metal prices being paid for those items by metal recyclers every single day! Now scrap metal prices can change on a daily basis, so knowing how the recycling market ebbs and flows, along with what metals are recyclable, can help you make the most money from your junk today.

What Kinds of Scrap Metal Are Accepted?

If you’ve got junk metal lying around, chances are you’re going to be able to recycle. Some recyclers limit what they accept, but in general, most locations will accept:

  • copper,
  • steel,
  • iron,
  • aluminum,
  • brass, and
  • gold.

Are you throwing away your aluminum cans? Did you know that clean aluminum cans can generate up to 60 cents per pound from a recycler? Even entire junk automobiles can be recycled for cash! That’s why it is so important to know about what scrap metal prices are being paid in your area for what materials. By not recycling metals, you’re literally costing yourself cash.

Don’t Take Your Metal to the Landfill

Why do landfills advertise that they will accept scrap metal? Because they can make money by recycling it, just like you can? Why pay a landfill to accept your metal debris when you can get paid by turning it in at a licensed and/or bonded metal recycling facility? Many communities have several metal recyclers that offer people the ability to recycle any type of material. From cast iron that pays around $12 per 100 pounds to light copper that pays $2.00 per pound, your scrap metal can add up quickly.

Make Sure You Separate All Your Metals

Separating aluminum from cast iron makes sense, right? Did you know that you have to separate your aluminum cans from your sheet aluminum stock? Or that Copper #1 is different from Copper #2 or Light Copper? Even hard brass is different from yellow brass! You cannot turn in Copper #2 to receiver Copper #1 prices or attempt to disguise differing metals to receive a better overall price. Any purposeful attempt at defrauding a metal recycler can land someone with fines, penalties, and even prison time depending on the offense. Scrap metal is serious business!

How Much Could You Make?

Take a look around your home right now to see if you’ve got items that could be recycled for cash. Good scrap metal prices aren’t going to last for long! Once you’ve identified your scrap materials, load them up and take them to your recycler. Make sure if you’re taking different kinds of metals that you separate them first so you don’t get stuck with any sorting surcharges. From there, you simply unload your scrap and the metal recycler pays you the scrap metal prices on file for that day. It’s as easy as that!

Looking for Transmission Flush Coupons?

October 20, 2014

Are you looking to save a few bucks off of your transmission flush? This preventative maintenance task can often cost quite a bit of money, meaning that finding transmission flush coupons can help make this become an affordable task. A transmission flush is a chore that needs to be done, but with the right coupon, you can stop putting it off or having to save up money to get it done! Here’s how you can find the best transmission flush coupons that are available today. Use one and see how much you could save!

Get them directly from their web site

Most providers of a transmission flush have an online presence somewhere. Whether it’s a local mom & pop company, a local franchisee, or a national company, there’s a good chance that on their website you can find transmission flush coupons. Some of these coupons may have stipulations on when you can use them, such as a certain day of the week. These are an easy way to save a few bucks on this needed preventative maintenance measure, however, so always take a look at a company’s website before finalizing your service.

Look at Speciality Coupon Websites

There are plenty of websites today that specialize in finding coupons and discount codes for you to use. The process is pretty simple:

  • you search for the company where you want to have the transmission flush done;
  • you search through that company’s coupons and discount codes to see if there are any transmission flush coupons that you can use;
  • you then download the coupon that you find or write down the discount code, take it to the provider, and save money on your transmission flush!

Be careful at some of these websites – some may want you to pay a fee to access their coupons, take a survey, or provide personal information. Chances are, however, that if one website has transmission flush coupons you can use, another website will have the same coupon. Don’t give out information or pay for something!

Get the Company Newsletter!

One of the easiest ways to get transmission flush coupons is to sign up for the company newsletter where you’re thinking about having this service completed. Some newsletters come by e-mail, some come by snail mail, and the one intent of the newsletter is to provide you with a level of value that makes you want to utilize that company’s services when you need something done. That’s why you’ll often find helpful coupons included in them because a coupon is an easy way to add more value to a service that you need to have done anyway!

Looking for transmission flush coupons after your vehicle is in at the shop is the wrong time to get started on this process. Find a great discount today so that when you do need to get a flush done, you’ll be able to save plenty of money on the overall cost of this needed task!